Calvin Chin is a real estate investor and a real estate coach based in the SF Bay Area who is focused on helping people create passive income to create passive impact, so they can give that knowledge back to their community!. His mission in life is to create abundance in people, not be focused on being rich but on being wealthy in their time and energy. 

Calvin Chin got into real estate to find a path to buy back his time and energy. Over 5 years was able to go from grinding in a 9-5 corporate job (Sales Tech) to having the financial freedom to be a full-time real estate investor and have built a portfolio of over 150+ units in just 5 years. He has scaled from owning single-family homes to flipping, to Airbnbs, to moving money through the BRRRR (Buy Renovate Rent Refinance Repeat) Method, to small multi-family homes, and now Apartment commercial projects. 

If this speaks to you, he is excited to help with your journey!






Jennie has helped 300+ families locally and out of state build their wealth in real estate and became a homeowner herself at the age of 23 years old, and has invested in over 35+ units across the country and also coaches and educates students across the country on building their passive income portfolio.

Jennie Lok is committed to educating her network and making her clients her number one priority and understands that real estate transactions are some of the most important decisions in your life. Jennie's goal is to help guide her clients to financial freedom through creative techniques through real estate and has helped dozens of clients ranging from fresh graduates in their early 20s to folks in their retirement. As an investor herself who has 'house-hacked' and also bought single families and multi-family investments, she will be able to not only educate you on how to find your first home but build up your portfolio to be able to afford your DREAM home!

In 2019, Jennie was awarded the recognition of 30 Under 30 for the REALTORS Magazine for the National Association of Realtors. She also was awarded Rookie of the Year in 2018 at Keller Williams Peninsula Estates.


With his background as an investor + joining the #1 team in the state of Utah, Kyle helped clients get under contract oh his first 90 days as an agent than 90% of Utah Real Estate Agents do in two years' time.

He is much more than a Realtor. He has a long-standing relationship with many home builders and a team that can get off-market opportunities. Kyle is focused on financial independence for all of his clients, he draws up multi-year road maps for you + your goals. Having 25 properties of his own, he can sit down and teach you ideas and opportunities that go beyond conventional thinking. Kyle is a top performer in the Silicon Slopes area, and he wanted to partner with individuals who wanted to invest and succeed.

Kyle deeply cares about financial independence for every individual which is why he has joined Zen Coast University as a Coach, together with Calvin and Jennie, Kyle aims to help like-minded individuals to succeed on their real estate journey and build financial freedom over their course.


Nick has built a high-performing team in the Greater Indianapolis market, and through a mix of creative strategies, he has acquired and sold over 65 homes in less than four years.

With his passion for technology, people, and results, he brings deep experience in consumer e-tail and retail sales to organizations and is driven by the opportunity to provide safe homes for residents, exceptional returns for investors, new investors, and perhaps most of those who want to get involved in real estate through investor education programs - a path to financial freedom for his mentees.







A proud husband, Vietnamese American, Marine Corps veteran, and real estate investor - coach.

He began his real estate journey when a family member had a severe mental illness, and was no longer able to care for their properties. After helping them through a slew of issues including probate, pre-foreclosure, trusts, contractual litigation, conservatorships, back taxes, liens, squatters, and more, he and his wife realized how much they’ve grown through all of the challenges and saw a great opportunity to build their real estate portfolio, with the ultimate goal of building a healing center for those suffering from mental illness.

He has invested in buy & holds, flips, short-term rentals, and commercial properties and specializes in raising private money, acquisitions, project & construction management, VA loans, and operations.

With this - his passion grew more and more decided that he wanted to coach individual who wants to know more about real estate investing and have financial + time freedom.












Michelle grew up in San Francisco, CA, and currently resides with her husband (coach MD) and fur child in Oahu, Hawaii. She worked in Silicon Valley for 10 years (Hitachi, Anaplan, Workday, Oracle) as a financial and sales consultant before leaving her corporate career to invest in real estate full time. She began her experience with real estate when she found a foreclosure notice on her family’s home. She learned all about real estate by helping her family out of financial hardship relating to foreclosures, litigation, back taxes, and trust problems.After working in tech consulting and finance for 10+ years and realizing she wasn’t passionate about her work, she realized her true passion is serving others, specifically in the mental health community. Her family suffered in silence about their mental health challenges, and it was difficult growing up feeling alone and unsupported. 

Her goal is to help others - so they feel less alone navigating these issues. Michelle, and MD decided that real estate investing offered lifestyle freedom - time and financial freedom to allow them to pursue their passions. They started by investing in multi-family rentals part-time, and once she had enough passive income to replace my corporate salary, Michelle finally left her corporate job to focus on investing full time. They opened a company called Lava Integrity Group, and their goal is to “invest with a purpose”. Every year, they donate a portion of our proceeds to mental health charities and regularly volunteer with their team. Their current portfolio consists of 30 properties nationally, including single/multi-family rentals, flipping, Airbnbs, and syndications. 

When they achieved lifestyle freedom, Michelle and MD moved to Oahu to pursue their dream of opening a Mental Health focused Wellness Retreat. They continue to build wealth through their real estate portfolio and are passionate about helping others to achieve lifestyle freedom.