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Calvin & Jennie are both successful entrepreneurs  & Real Estate coaches focused on helping people create passive income so they can create passive impact. Our mission in life is to create abundance in people not to be focused on being rich but being wealthy in their time and energy. We have dedicated our lives to do so, and both retired out of a 9-5 at age 24 and 29 respectively to pursue. 

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Jennie Lok started her career as an entrepreneur at the age of twelve years old when she 'flipped' sneakers and has gone through sales training from retail, financial services, to high tech, and now is a full-time licensed CA Realtor having sold over 250+ homes and a National Real Estate Investor. She bought her first home at the age of 23 years old with her 'house-hack' and has since then bought and 1031 exchanged multiple investment properties. She was awarded the National Association of Realtors 30 Under 30 and has helped over 500 families in their real estate goals.

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30 Under 30 Finalist, Sold Her 1st Deal For $2 Million, Niche Expert and is absolutely crushing it!! Listen to GSD Mode – Podcast.

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Atrium Coaching
Keller Williams’ rising stars Jennie Lok, a successful real estate professional who have demonstrated skill, success, passion and leadership...
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Jennie Lok on Crushing it in Real Estate! Join us this week as we dive into Jennie's world and unLOK our potential with her expertise.
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Jennie Lok is a successful real estate professional and investment coach.  Her passion for real estate has led her to a career role with Keller-Williams...
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What does it take to launch a stellar career in real estate at a young age? For many of NAR’s 2019 '30 Under 30' honorees, the answer lies close to home.
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5 Minute Success
Jennie Lok was awarded the National Association of Realtor Magazine's 30 Under 30 Realtor for 2019. She has helped over 100 families in real estate.
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Built HOW
Join Anne Kennedy as she talks with Jennie Lok about changing your mindset...She bought her first home at the age of 23 years old with her 'house-hack'...

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Exeleon Magazine : Dynamic Leaders 2021
The central idea behind dynamic leadership is adaptability. Adaptability to situations as well as customers. These leaders promote a sense of inclusivity and flexibility...

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FINANCIAL FREEDOM in 5.5 YEARS. How to get past analysis paralysis.
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Calvin Chin got into real estate to find a path to buy back his time and energy. Over a 5 year period was able to go from grinding in a 9-5 corporate job to having the financial freedom to choose to be a full-time real estate investor and has built a personal portfolio of over 150+ units in just 5 years of over $25M. He has scaled from owning single-family homes, to flipping, to Airbnbs, to moving money through the BRRRR (Buy Renovate Rent Refinance Repeat) Method, to small multi-family homes, and now Apartment commercial projects. He believes in helping people create wealth (getting time and energy back) so they can give that knowledge back to their community!

Everything Real Estate Investing Show with Sean Pan
Calvin Chin, a real estate investor based in the Bay Area who went from working at a high-paying tech job into becoming a full-time real estate investor.
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The School of Cash Flow with Dale Corpuz
Getting into the real estate space can be a scary experience, but the rewards are worth the work. Gaining back time and reaching financial freedom are the goals worth working for.

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The Action Academy
with Brian Luebben

$22,000 In Monthly Passive Income, Calvin is a seasoned real estate investor in California with over 100 doors in his portfolio at 29 years old. 

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Being Comfortable in Being Uncomfortable with Wyatt Graves
Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable with Calvin Chi, where he shares great insights about creating passive income and bringing a positive impact to the community.

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The Art of Real Estate with Elon Hufana
Listen in on our conversations about getting started in real estate, investing, mindset, and important topics such as handling fear, health, and reaching your potential.

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Lost $100K But Gained the Biggest Assets in Life with Calvin Chin
It’s the biggest fear in the hearts and minds of all investors – losing huge money in an investment.  Calvin Chin had that most unfortunate first experience dabbling in real estate...

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From Software Sales to Millionaire Real Estate Coach w/ 150 Units!
Tony and Dakota talk to Calvin Chin of Zen Coast University. Calvin first used his home equity, W2 income, and good credit to get started in real estate.

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How to Retire at Age 29 
Calvin comes from an immigrant family who believed in saving and following the traditional path. He did what he was supposed to and when he got his first job he questioned his life.

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From Quitting His W2 to 100+ Units Out Of State 
Calvin has gained so much knowledge and experience in and now is an investor and investing coach, who has grown his portfolio over the past 6 years...

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Guest Speaker for EXP 2022
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Guest Speaker for ChampDev 2021

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